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Physicians attending an Articine engagement.

Performances Paired with Workshops

CME/CEU available!

Four people sitting in chairs on a stage talking to audience


Articine currently offers 3 powerful performances to inspire empathy. Pair a performance with a workshop to give your team the tools they need to implement empathy in their interactions with patients.

Male and female actors performing "Shadows".


​Inspired by Neil Bousfield’s wordless novel of woodcut images, Shadows is a portrayal of a poor couple, working opposite shifts in the same factory, as they struggle through addiction and family crisis to find hope.

Older woman looking at a typewriter


Dottie is a short film based on the nuances of dementia. Coupling this film with educational workshops will allow us to unlock conversations around care, healing, support, and legacy for healthcare workers and caregivers alike.

A performance of "THE ANXIETY PIECE"


The Anxiety Piece melds theater, dance, and comedy, while exploring the psychosomatic impact anxiety can have on all of us, this one act will take you on a journey that’s both hilarious and moving. 


Articine’s innovative programming delivers tailored curriculum to conferences, staff, healthcare students, and medical residents. The health and medicine paradigm often excludes the lived human experience in diagnosis and treatment. Our programming brings this missing and vital piece to capture the whole person, creating agency and power in the patient. Articine applies crucial conversations to medicine including personhood, physicality, self-expression and mindfulness. Our goal is to bring the lives of patients to the forefront of care and help lead them to wellness. These sessions support a holistic and robust educational experience for your staff and trainees, and will introduce elements of design-thinking, project-based learning and play into the room. We have worked with resident physicians, undergraduate students, K-12 schools, nursing homes, continuing care retirement communities (CCRC), and more! CME credits are available!