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Dottie – (Film casting)

This film examines a mind overwhelmed by dementia. Looking into the layers of her different realities, we are moved by Dottie’s resilience, touched by her perseverance and inspired by her determination to make sense of it all. While imaginary friends discovered in mirrors appear to her, she struggles to keep herself grounded in reality. A shy and timid woman transformed by her mental condition, she chases her memories through interviews with her best friend, a storm of flower petals, and into a mirror that reflects her past. Subject matter: dementia.  The purpose of this film is to be an artistic narrative film for healthcare professionals to inspire more empathic and effective patient care.

Casting Overview

  • All genders, All ethnicities
  • Actors with a strong movement background and can tell a story with their body and words
  • Performers of Color and ages 40+ encouraged
  • Performers with experience in education are preferred
  • Performers in northern New England
  • Ages 40+

Submit cover letter, resume, headshot, and video sample to

Rehearsal/Performance Dates and Locations:


  • Rehearsals July 2023 (Seacoast area of NH)
  • Film shooting July-August 2023 (TBD – Seacoast area of NH)


  • Film Shooting: $175+ p/day
  • SAG & Non-union


Dottie (she/her/hers) is a 67 year old cis female.  She’s a wife, parent, and grandparent who grew up  with Southern values.  She is reserved, kind, and quiet, with an edge of silliness. She radiates love and compassion and loves her family deeply. She struggles with dementia. She struggles with dementia. We see Dottie’s internal struggle with dementia versus her perceived external vacancy.

Dutchie (she/her/hers) is a 65 year old cis female. Dottie’s best friend/sidekick. She uses humor as her way through the pain of seeing her dearest friend slip away. If you imagine The Golden Girls, Dutchie has Blanche’s love for cocktails and men and Dorothy’s wit and voice. She is funny and gregarious. She’s the life of the party and provides comic relief. That said, Dutchie still shows great depth and compassion to the seriousness of what Dottie is going through.